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Some clarifications on joining and ORIENTING In our session

January 18, 2013

Hi everyone,if you received this message in your email then you have successfully joined the MultiMOOC session, per instructions given at and at our portal

I mentioned in mail earlier today that the other spaces we use are in the sidebar of that last link and at a ‘spaces’ page.  

The spaces page has a checklist at the bottom.  One important item is to fill in the Google form.  There are about 25 names there now. Where it asked for Google ID that meant the same as your gmail address.  If you didn’t fill that in, if you can send it to me at then I’ll enter it there and also share the google doc with you so that you can go in and make alterations there yourself, add the address of your eportfolio and so on.  This will become significant once we get past the ‘orientation’ week.

Most of you have put in Twitter IDs. I will add those here:  If you tag your posts and anything you create online for this session #evomlit AND #mmooc13, you’ll start to see that some of what we do will appear at the links we have under AGGREGATION in the sidebar.  You can be exploring those now as part of your orientation.

I also better organized the list in the sidebar under NETWORK and put red stars next to the important ones. There are two spaces that I think we will especially try to use.  Edmodo is one.  I have been ok’ing new participants there so I believe it’s working (Chris Jones, can you try again and report back?).  The other is the Posterous space.  Both are listed in the 15 things on the spaces page you should be orienting on.  If you haven’t tried Posterous, how it works is interesting (but you have to join it to see how it works – to join, follow

Other than that you need to check for our live events (the one this Sunday 1400 GMT with Dave Cormier will be special) and you can see what we’re curating at our accounts also given in the sidebar.

One other thing, about joining spaces, we will try to communicate here across social networks but use the YGroup list as an anchor, and we can experiment and communicate in Edmodo, Posterous, Twitter and Google+, and see this communication through our aggregators.  Many of you have asked to join our pbworks spaces as well.  I have accepted you as “readers” not writers. I can’t distinguish easily who is a valid applicant there, and we can have trouble with spammers and vandals (though the latter has never happened). But the GoodbyeGutenberg portal needs to be didactic.  The Learning2gether one is meant to be collaborative, for people who want to host sessions there. I’ll set up Google Docs next week to serve as collaborative spaces, or better you could set them up as needed.  But cMOOCs try to pull people together through shared social networks, and that is what we will be exploring.

I hope that clarifies somewhat.  If you have questions please ask.  One last thing, apologies from our two co-moderators Cristina and Claire, both recovering from serious bouts of flu.  And yet another thing, I am thinking how I can make the week 2 declare week more task oriented and will get something up tomorrow in that regard.

happy MultiMOOCing

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Some may need go to the G Doc to fill in complete information unless more blanks and categories are added to the form, eg additional blogs, document sharing, videos, aggregation links, and so on.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    <div dir="ltr">Great minds think alike. ??I'm hoping we can all share this information too, but there is one place on the form which encompasses &quot;additional blogs, document sharing, videos, aggregation links, and so on&quot;. ??This is the URL for the eportfolio.<div> <br></div><div>Let's define this eportfolio as any one link that you can point anyone to that links to all the other spaces they may be interested in. ??You could be creating this for family, friends, or professional peers, or you could be creating it for your colleagues in the session we are sharing for the next month.</div> <div><br></div><div>You can devise this eportfolio in almost any way conceivable. ??For me, I consider it to be the sidebar at my main blog <a href=""></a&gt;. ??Apart from some minor updating I might get around to in the course of this session, the links here try to point visitors to all the other spaces I inhabit professionally online.</div> <div><br></div><div>But eportfolio could be a Google Doc table of contents with a set of links pointing to these other things. ??It could be a Glogster page, or a Pageflakes or Netvibes. ??It could be a wiki portal like the ones at pbworks or similarly wikispaces. ??It could be at a Moodle, a Drupal, or Mahara. ??It could be what you think of now as your CV.</div> <div><br></div><div>Whatever it is, it's a place where ideally you can give ONE URL that will point us to spaces where your passion comes through, to spaces where you do your reflection, your curation, keep track of links you would like to share with others, whatever.</div> <div><br></div><div>In answer to a participant who asked off list if they should start a new space just for multiliteracies? yes or no. ??You could if you wanted, or if you want to subsume it under an existing space, that's fine too. ??It's up to you. ??It's your space. ??It stays with you after February.</div> <div><br></div><div>Thanks for commenting in this blog space. ??Vanessa and I are getting each other's posts and comments in our email and hitting reply and posting comments that way. Easy :-)</div><div><br></div><div> <br><br></div></div>

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