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MOOCing about for Week 3 in EVO Multiliteracies: or “The most valuable thing you’ll get from EVO is an expanded network of like-minded colleagues and peers”

January 26, 2012

This is a good starter recording for Change MOOC at http://change.MOOC.caDave Cormier on Nov 8, 2011 eliciting and discussing what aspects of education are meant to change as a result of the MOOC that goes by the name of CHANGE.  Dave’s topic is Rhizomatic Learning, which “has as its goal the creation of [digital] nomads.” I added the word ‘digital’ – (sorry Dave, couldn’t resist).  

View on »

Dave’s Elluminate show can be viewed here: or just but I simply downloaded the audio from EdRadio here: 

if (FlashDetect.installed) { $(‘flash_embed-cgAFEslGpt’).show(); $(‘quicktime_embed-cgAFEslGpt’).hide(); } else { $(‘quicktime_embed-cgAFEslGpt’).show(); $(‘flash_embed-cgAFEslGpt’).hide(); }  and listened to it on my morning commute.

Nomads is a term coined by Dave for this presentation, and it just might stick.  In comments here see if you can characterize what it means :-).  To find out you’d need to start getting exploring Change MOOC.  This is the big MOOC event that started so long ago its hash tag still appears to be #change11.  When you visit its URL at you’ll find an impressive array of recordings.  These recordings are particularly impressive if you’re going for a PhD at Athabasca University.  But if you’re a simple teacher … well, you decide.

The point of this, though, is not the content, it’s the NETWORK. That’s this week’s theme in EVO Multiliteracies.  There haven’t been a lot of … well there haven’t been ANY comments on the videos by George Siemens and Dave Cormier about this.

I wondered why.  In an effort to include the links here,l I made a shocking discovery. The plugins to Dave’s videos in our wiki portal had stopped working (I checked two computers, two different browsers, they’d died).  I’ve just fixed them on these pages:

 – What is a MOOC on

 – Success in a MOOC on

 – Knowledge in a MOOC on

OK, with that repaired, I’ll leave it there.  PLEASE watch these videos.  Each lasts only minutes.  They are extremely articulate, clever, and explain better than I could what I mean by MOOC.

If you want to try a real live MOOC, check out  If you can’t enroll, don’t worry about it, you can just dabble in it (and report back).


Then on Sat Jan Jan 28, 2012

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Meanwhile on Sunday Jan 29 

I’m planning to come online again at and Bb Collaborate / Elluminate at this Sunday.  I’ll try and get to TappedIn before noon GMT and stay there and at Elluminate to at least 1400 or 1500 GMT.  Last week’s event was quite F.U.N. (that’s an acronym I invented) and was archived here:

See for more details




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