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Voila! Oct 2, 2011 Gradcast for PPOT Multiliteracies course Me-Portfolio participants

October 3, 2011

In this video you can see that Jeff Lebow went above and beyond the CALL of webcasting, staying up from midnight to 2 a.m. in Pusan, Korea especially just to host our??Oct 2, 2011 Gradcast for??participants in the TESOL??PPOT Multiliteracies course for 2011 ??In this webcast, participants Robyn Albers and Kate Robbins showed us the Me-Portfolios they had developed during the course. ??

The course itself was run on MOOC precepts, where the M stands for miniscule open online course, or what Lisa Lane calls SMOOC (small to medium OOC; see Lisa's Me-Portfolio here:?? ??Participants in the course had to create Me-Portfolios that would specify what they wanted to gain from the course and document how they achieved their objectives. ??The result was two very different paths through the suggested course materials with outcomes tailored very much to the individual participants, as these presentations show.

Very special thanks to Jeff who kindly agreed to donate his time and expertise to help us realize our project objectives. ??We could have easily held the session in Elluminate and recorded it there, but during the course itself Robyn and Kate participated in a number of Jeff's COOLcasts (see?? and became??positively hooked on the Hangouts, so I asked Jeff if he wouldn't mind recording our gradcast for us, and of course he agreed, despite the late hours for him.??

As you can tell from viewing the recording, the experience was a relaxed one, with lines between participants and mentors blurring, just as the prescribed structure of the course blurred against the backdrop of participant modalities, needs and expectations.??At one point in the program we saw that we would need to start a Hangout with extras so we could sceenshare, so it became a learning experience as Robyn agreed to reconvene us in the new Hangout.

Personally I felt that this rendition of the course was one of the best yet, small-to-medium miniscule in scope, yet powerfully directed at the individuals involved who were learning at a pace and intensity convenient to them (the learners being all the participants, facilitators, and others in the networked community who joined us from time to time).

This video documents some of those outcomes and is presented with gratitude to all those (both on and off camera) who participated in the 4-week session 🙂

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    …its funny how the tables have turned

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