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[multilit] Results

September 29, 2011

Robyn and Kate are our two persevering participants for this rendition of the TESOL PPOT Multiliteracies course. Both have reported benefits in learning from the course as it's evolved and been configured

Thanks in this post to Robyn for your sterling work and for reporting back how you have been taking what you have learned in the course, a crucial distinction from what you have been taught, and used it to leverage your practice. ??It's very heartening to hear how your students have been able to learn from you in the same way, in part due to your exposure to a network of like-minded educators who happen to also be associated at the moment with this course.

I'm sorry I have been out of touch this past few days, but I'm sitting in an empty apartment now with a trunk and some cases with a board across for the computer and flat screen. ??There is nothing here at the moment except a wireless router, and alhamduli'lallah the internet still works. Achieving that state of having cast off all but my virtual possessions has consumed all my concentration this last week of the course, and now that I am able to refocus, internet could become a challenge. ??However, another heartening aspect of your message is that you have??achieved??what you have without me. ??This is another valuable lesson in 21st century pedagogy, now that we are all able to learn what and when we wish, the teacher has truly become the guide on the side. The teacher is indeed diffused throughout the network.

Finally, I think you could call the last week of the course, where we focus, something akin to 'results'. ??Results are what we achieve as a result of focus, and it's great to see that you have taken it to that next step.

I had a great chat with Kate and a couple of others hosted by Jeff Lebow last night. I feel particularly drawn to Lisa Lane's Pedagogy First course,?? she calls a SMOOC (small to medium open online course). ??When she talked about her course last night it sounded ideally organized in a way that I thought I ought to consider, indeed her class is one that should inform the next rendition of this one, but later in the conversation she talked about the difficulty of getting her learners to understand and find the learning spaces associated with the course, and I noticed that four weeks into hers, her group had reached a similar level of chaos resolution as our small group, and I realized that the courses were proceeding similarly, only ours ends after only four weeks, and hers continues. ??You might consider joining hers, though you might have some catching up to do :-)??

The last day of our course is Sunday Oct 2 and Kate is planning to meet us online at 15:50 GMT to talk about where she has got with her own Me-Portfolio. ??Robyn, will you be able to join us at around that time? ??That's 7:30 pm in the UAE. We could meet in Elluminate, where we'd have voice, you'd be able to show a ppt if you wanted, and we could easily record the session. ??I haven't approached Jeff about a Hangout at that time but he'd have to host if we were to get a Hangout recording. ??Would either of those venues, and around that time, be ok with you? ??I might be able to meet earlier by half an hour if that makes a difference, since I'll likely be doing this from school (no Internet at the 'home' I'll be in at that time).

Let us know, and thanks again for keeping up with the course and helping us to make it a great SMOOC!

Oh, and at the moment I'm free on Monday, Oct 24, and I'd love to participate in your PD session – cheers, Vance

On Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 11:50 PM, Robyn Albers wrote:

This course was sectioned into four parts: orient, declare, network/cluster, focus. ??I haven???t networked as much as I would have liked, but the people I have found to network with are fantastic. ??I feel as though I have skimmed the cream off the surface and can learn from them very quickly. ??I have been able to focus on my learning needs and apply what I have learned to my own professional life. ??This leads me to my next idea.

We are missing a section in this course. ??We should have a week for ???results???. ??I suppose, this is what we will do on Sunday when we showcase our me-portfolios. ??However, I am too excited to share my results to wait until Sunday.

As a result of this course, I have managed to accomplish the following:

1. ?? ?? ?? I am giving a presentation on titanpad and its potential application in writing courses during our next professional day on October 24. ??Vance, you are welcome to attend.

2. ?? ?? ?? I have used what I have been asked to do in this course and springboxed it into my own English classes. ??You should see the work that the students are doing with their own me-portfolios. ??I recommend clicking on Aisha???s link and Rawda???s link.

3. ?? ??I met with my boss (program supervisor) and shared my work with my students' me-portfolios. ??Now he would like me to meet with the curriculum supervisors to show them and potentially change our program.

This is very exciting for me. ??I must thank you all for your support, encouragement and inspiration. ??I have read all of your work with interest and consider myself very luck to be associated with talented and interesting people. ??What an exciting month of growth for all of us!

From: [] On Behalf Of Vance Stevens
Sent: Tuesday, September 27, 2011 12:06 AM
Subject: Re: [multilit] Today's Focus is on

Hi Robyn

Thanks for reporting back on this tool. The possibilities are indeed
endless. I often paste exercises I want my students to do into TitanPad and
they love crowdsourcing their answers.

And yes, someone can obliterate the whole thing. But you found the slider,
to get it back. And each position of the slider has a URL, so you can
restart the whole group at any URL. And if you see things are going well,
then SAVE that point, and revert there in case of problems.

I've never had a page expire. I create public pads. They don't have URLs
like yours group1, group2 etc. I create tiny urls from titan pad's stranger
URLs, so the students can find them.

I've never had one freeze on us yet. However, one of the clones,,
doesn't allow more than 8 users, and I think TitanPad alllows at least 14.

I'm glad you discovered this tool and find it useful. I use it every
writing class. Google 'etherpad clones' to find more,


On Mon, Sep 26, 2011 at 10:37 PM, Robyn Albers wrote:

> I am focusing this week on finding some more Web 2.0 tools to use in class.
> I discovered a wonderful writing tool last night, thanks to the
> Learning2gether group and Vance's explanation of<
> It is fantastic! It is similar to google docs, but you don't need
> passwords. You just open a new page. Here are the wonderful things about
> it:
> 1. You can have several people writing at the same time. Each person on
> the can choose a highlight and it will show what they are writing. For
> example, Ayesha was writing in pink. Fatima was writing in green. Fatima
> corrected some of Ayesha's writing and so there is green mixed in with the
> pink to show the parts that Fatima corrected.
> 2. You can import documents to work on. You can export your work and
> save it in many different formats.
> 3. It is fast.
> Here are some of the difficulties I experienced:
> 1. The page seems to expire if you do not continue working on it. For
> example, I created http://www.titanpad/group1,&lt;http://www.titanpad/group1,>
> http://www.titanpad/group2,&lt;http://www.titanpad/group2,> up to group 6. However,
> the work the students were doing on it is now gone. I hope they remembered
> to save their work.
> 2. Sometimes the pad froze on me. My students were able to write, but my
> name/color was frozen. Strange.
> 3. Once, while working with the class, the whole document disappeared. I
> assume a student accidentally erased the whole page. I had to go through a
> playback to find the most recent version (not fun)
> The applications are endless:
> 1. Upload a worksheet that was for homework and have students enter the
> answers quickly and simultaneously.
> 2. I used the first line of the pad to give instructions. For example:
> * Finish this sentence: I would take you to the movies
> _______________________ (for conditional practice)
> * Write a sentence with the word "advertiser"- (I received 18
> sentences that I was able to correct immediately in front of the students.
> No clicking or searching for answers or opening files.
> 3. Write an essay. I gave groups of students essay topics and sent them
> on their way. They enjoyed correcting each other's spelling and grammar.
> They had a lot to add to the essay and I could see who was doing the lion
> share of the work because of the color coding.
> 4. A student who is absent can join the writing process from home. She
> just needs to join the group.
> I did all of this today with I am happy with this tool and
> I am scheduled to do a presentation on it October 24th. I was so excited
> about the tool, that I volunteered to teach my department about this tool.
> I highly recommend it.


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