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September 16, 2011

Kate is trying to get Picasa photos to show in Spezify. ??I thought at first she was trying to do this in Taggalaxy. ??Now we are playing TagGames??

It's hard to know how this game works. ??We have to figure out the rules as we play the game, and the rules are always changing. ??For example, Technorati used to be be brilliant at helping us aggregate our blog posts, but now we need another tool. ??If you check out Change MOOC you can see they are using a Stephen Downes script called Grasshopper which works quite well. ??We need such a tool for general open source use.

Spezify will display some Flickr photos according to their tags. ??There is also?? Unlike other such sites you have to enter the tag each time, no URL that takes you there directly.

I had a look at Taggalaxy just now. ??I saw the pic there of Scott Lockman but that was the only new one I noticed. ??You may have to tag individual pictures to get them to show.

This is a neat tool. ??When we started reconstructing this course in 2010 we needed a logo and decided to make its background a screen shot from Taggalaxy. ??In order to seed the image each of the moderators tagged some photos in Flickr showing themselves. ??This put the pictures of just us (it was a new tag) in the globe, as you see here:??

You can do this to create a neat image of a small group with a relatively new tag 🙂

But it doesn't look like either of these tools are paying much attention to Picasa. That's a shame, it's a Google tool. ??Let's try with Addictomatic:??

Nope, Addictomatic uses Flickr, ignores Picasa. ??In order to play the game you might need to open a Flickr acct and put a few photos there (there's always a way to game the game 🙂 Kate has tried that already but they're still not showing up, might have to let things??propagate??through the system, we demand a lot from these satellites and free servers we enjoy in our connected world 🙂

Addictomatic does remind us that there is Google Blog Search??

This pulls up a couple dozen hits on evomlit but I believe it is searching body text, not tags.??

Grasshopper searches on tags, which is what we really want. Or, you can search on everything that Google can find that says evomlit and find a few thousand hits. ??This video shows how to toggle between the searches:

Note that with a blog search you can??stay up to date on these results:
  • Create an email alert for evomlit
  • Add a blog search gadget for evomlit to your Google homepage
  • Subscribe to a blog search feed for evomlit in Google Reader
Robyn, are we addressing your questions on tags now?

On Fri, Sep 16, 2011 at 7:56 PM, Trudy??wrote:

It was that I was thinking about. I see nothing showed so I'm going to tag a photo or two from the Picasa album to see if it works.

Earlier she had written that she had tried with her photos in??Picasa (Google). I created an album #evomlit and shared it with Vance – the only one in that Google+ circle. I added captions but didn't tag each photo.

Should I tag a few #evomlit or will this be enough to share on Spezify?


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Flash in the next iPad. That’s a great development. I might just buy one now. I guess Steve Jobs was standing in the way. Maybe Flash is messy, maybe you can do much the same with HTML5 (except run existing software :-), or maybe not, anyway, why not straddle all worlds.

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