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[multilit] Posterous issues

September 16, 2011

Kate has written us about problems with the??share application button resident in her browser. I'm not familiar with this. If you have any URLs associated with it, maybe I can envisage it, or you could make us a Jing screencast and show us that way what the problem is. ??Can anyone else help Kate with this?

I Googled 'posterous share via email' and found that this Spaces concept that has just appeared in Posterous is a major restructure to make it operate for photo sharing more on the lines of Facebook. ??In a way it kind of works. ??When I visit my Posterous spaces now I see posts by me, Robyn, and Kate, since I follow their Posterous blogs.

Who else here has signed up for Posterous? ??This was one of our Week 1 checklist items. ??I've checked our dbase at?? found that so far it's just us three. This looks like a potentially productive way for a group to see what it's up to, so I hope others will play here 🙂

Earlier I had written about Joe Dale's comprehensive blog post on the many ways he uses Posterous:??, a good read on why Posterous is worth some effort.

Here are our Posterous blogs if you want to follow / subscribe to them

From this I see that Robyn has 'declared' in her blog, an interesting post??, especially as it put me on to George Siemens advice, exactly what we need in this course, on coping with MOOCs, which I just Scooped:?? (direct link,??, well worth reading). ??George speaks of letting go of expectations conditioned from previous learning experiences and 'wayfinding' your way through the content which, as we see, is beginning to be turned up by participants like Robyn here, and the e-portfolio resources unearthed by Kate in her blog.

This brings me to one last mention for this email,?? ??This is a collage aggregation on the tag evomlit (I notice Robyn is tagging her posts, well done :-). ??It's turning up a few tweets by Kate and also I found some pics there of Scott Lockman, and a link to his Netvibes,?? is another approach to Me-Portfolios suggested in Week 2.

More later, sleepy …

*1)* If I open my gmail page and write an e-mail, it works.
*2)* My issue has been using the 'share via e-mail' option offered either on
a web page or the share application button that resides on my browser. (The
same 'share' buttons that allow posting to twitter, etc., directly from the
web page.)


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Hi everyone,I have been busy this week but managed to put down my personal goals and the means of achieveing them . Below is the link to my blog entry :

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