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Vance’s report on EpCoP MOOC event September 15 on YouTube and Voicethread

September 15, 2011



This posting is being emailed simultaneously to the YahooGroup Multilit list and also to where it will appear as a post in the blog  I am attaching a picture file which should appear in the Posterous blog posting.

This is Vance’s report of this EpCoP MOOC presentation 
EpCoP MOOC event – Thursday September 15 at 8 pm Sydney time (10:00 am GMT): YouTube and Voicethread 

Mutuota Kigotho and Helen Doyle were presenting on YouTube and Voicethread respectively.  There was supposed to be a session on YouTube earlier at 1 am GMT this morning, but it was co-presented at 10 am GMT with the Voicethread session, so perhaps it didn’t happen earlier.

The sessions were both interactive, with icebreakers to start out with, a poll to gauge audience knowledge, followed by a practical presentation.  The sessions are pitched at teachers in the VET sector in Australia (vocational training), so not much prior knowledge is presumed.

Mutuota talked on YouTube (and Teacher Tube).  Mutuota covered the obvious advantages of using YouTube as a classroom tool, and as enhancement media for e-portfolios.  Chris Smith (ShamblesGuru) was present and showed us his page where he’s listed sites where you can download YouTube videos to a computer to play them offline for use in classrooms where firewalls prevent viewing online.

Helen spoke on Voicethreads as an e-portfolio tool.  Some of the more useful links:
Several examples were given of successful implementations of Voicethread and what the affordances are considered to be.

The presentations are recorded and the recording links are posted here

The organizers promised to harvest their slides for all presentations and mount them at Slideshare and then put their links in the EpCoP MOOC resources section where those visiting will be able to click on the links and activate them (not possible from the Elluminate recordings).

If any Multiliteracies participants are able to file similar reports from any of the 1 am GMT sessions, this would be much appreciated.

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