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Multiliteracies: My personal goals for this course

September 14, 2011

It’s the second week of the Multiliteracy course and I have started to create a clear picture in my mind about what I really want to gain/learn during the 5 weeks of this course.

My first goal is getting familiar with the concept of Multiliteracies not only through the readings and videos/audios provided for each week but also through each participant’s blog entries, comments, feedback and ideas. As Vance Stevens mentions in his September 1st entry (rethinking Multiliteracies), the structure of this course (a mini version of MOOC) offers the participants “an opportunity to learn not only from acknoledged experts in the field but also from ….. other expert peers like [myself]“.

I have also thought of how I am going to monitior my progress towards the above stated goal. Every week, I am planning to write a summary of the readings/audios/videos of that particular week and/or present my views on a certain article/blog entry/video/audio that I find of utmost interest. In addition, I will select at least one blog entry of the participants in the course and reflect or comment on it. Interacting with other participants and sharing ideas with them seems to be a very important means of achieving my goal (i.e. familiarization with the concept of Multiliteracies).

My second goal is of practial nature, i.e. being able to learn about and use various tools that will be introduced in this course. Every week, I will experiment with some or all tools introduced. After some practice, I am thinking of choosing those tools I can use in my teaching and demonstrate my expertise through desigining learning activities for my students or creating audio/ video lectures for them. Of course feedback from the participants and the course leader will be invaluable, so I will try to follow closely every discussion in relation to the tools introduced during the course.


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