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My accounts were hacked, sorry!

April 11, 2010

Dear Multiliteracies members,

I’m Maria Bossa from Rio Tercero, Cordoba, Argentina, and last week all my Yahoo, Hotmail and Facebook accounts were hacked. If you received a mail telling that I was in the UK and I needed money, PLEASE, don’t reply!!! I’m safe at home.

Some people have tracked down the mail and the person seems to be in Nigeria and some others have chatted with him/her and the request was a big quantity of English pounds payable via Western Union.

I’m really sorry if you got that mail and you replied it. Today, thanks to Nina Liakos and her suggestion, I came here to write this post to let you know about this situation.

I hope all is better now. For those of you who were in my old Facebook account, I sent a new request (I have the same pic as here) and it’s the only pic I have. For those of you who didn’t follow, no problem. My twitter account is also safe same as the other ning groups I belong to.

My new email addresses are and

Thanks a lot,

Smiles to you all,

Maria Bossa 🙂


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