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My Multiliteracies Checklist

March 2, 2010

After the official ending of Multiliteracies EVO sesssion, a few reflections on what I’ve achieved and how I want to continue from here.

I have:

  • Gained new insights into the concept of multiliteracies through Mark Pegrum’s book.
  • Reconsidered my views on Twitter and its affordances, together with its sister app Twibes, for teaching and networking (I have to admit I wasn’t much of a fan of Twitter before this session)
  • Become aware of the crucial role of tagging in networked and connected learning
  • Seen tagging in action on Twitter, Twibes, Spezify, Diigo and Google search during one of the live presentations, and all along the session
  • Become more familiar with e-Portfolios thanks to the useful material included in the weekly activities and the modelling provided by moderators and other participants
  • Experimented a bit with mind-mapping tools and the presentation tool Prezi
  • Experienced the sheer excitement of connecting with like-minded people and sharing with them this learning and discovery journey

My post-evomlit resolutions:

First and foremost, I intend to start working on my e-portfolio. At this point in time, I???m particularly interested in the learning and reflection aspect. The thing is that, at many points during this session, I would go ???Oh, I did something connected with this concept when I took such and such a course. I???d like to get back to that.??? But ???that??? was hidden in some folder and??? who had the time to look for it? It seems as if, for many years, I have been collecting bits and pieces of information and knowledge, but that I haven???t taken the time to reflect on them in depth, or at least, to do that in an organized way so that I could visit and revisit content to look at it from new perspectives. In the digital order, messing is a good thing, David Weinberger says. But so is the ability to make sense of the mess through the mastery of the necessary literacies (my conclusion) I???m sure an e-portfolio will help me organize what matters to me and plan my future personal and professional development.

And of course I mean to keep in touch with the wonderful and supportive people I???ve met during this session, which takes me to the concept of personal/professional learning networks, another area I???m giving a lot of thought to at the moment.

So much food for thought! I???ll definitely be coming back here (another resolution) Hope to see you around!


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  1. Vance Stevens permalink

    I come here from time to time myself. It’s great to get this post-session reflection, get some feedback on our session (apart from the survey results, thanks those who submitted those) and to see, for example, even though we didn’t really see a lot of participant e-portfolios during the session, that the idea seems to have taken hold. Even if you don’t make one bound in leather, an e-portfolio can be simply a way of viewing your various online webpresences as an oeuvre.<br><br>Reflection is part of the teaching and learning cycle, where learning is practicing and reflecting and teaching is modeling and demonstrating. And to that I add that teaching is learning (completes the cycle).<br><br>I just gave a talk today on this topic: Elluminate recording at <a href="; target="_blank"></a&gt;, slides at <a href="; target="_blank"></a><br><br>Hope to see you again back here, V

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