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drum roll please

February 27, 2010
Here it is … or at any rate, 1st draft / preliminary version (haven’t “furnished” the private page yet). I went with Netvibes because I already had an account, didn’t care for the advertising on Pageflakes and couldn’t remember the name of the other (just that I’d like the feel of it). After adding content ~ images, feeds, gadgets, etc. for blog, I tinkered with layout and color. Aesthetics matter to me ~ the price of starting with a more or less arts blog.


Also on list ~ use Ning and Posterous more


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  1. Vanessa Vaile permalink

    Not much yet ~ mostly still in the "get the url out" stage, The Wallwisher embed picked up a fair amount of activity but no telling whether from there or the community blog. I’m going to add another interactive app to the main page, perhaps a single question poll.

  2. Nina Liakos permalink

    Very impressive! You are way ahead of me. Have you seen any activity on your page yet?

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