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Creating a PLN Action Plan

February 22, 2010

This week wraps up the end of the Multiliteracies Workshop from EVO2010 that took place over the past 6 weeks. It has been a wonderful experience. I have learned so much and have finally started on the
path of creating a Personal/Professional Learning Network that will
allow me to get connected with others in my field and find great
resources. Throughout these past six weeks the moderators of the
workshop have encouraged us to try various tools, attend live online
events, view articles, videos and a slew of other resources as well as
reflect on what we have learned. I can honestly say I have learned as
much from observing how moderators Vance Stevens and Jennifer Verschoor
conducted this workshop as I did from the content provided which is to
say a lot as the content was pretty darn good also. I thought both of
these educators were fantastic hosts, facilitators and models for how
to do it right. And this is where I hope to continue my journey in
developing my PLN. I want to continue to study and observe the way
master educators are presenting their digital network to learn from
them. One thing I learned from viewing some of the videos in this
workshop is that presentation is an important aspect of gaining an
audience. Yet, I realize also that it is time to get out there and do
some of the things that have been suggested. Here are some of the
things I have accomplished over the past 6 weeks and my digital action
plan for continuing down this road.

  • I set up accounts with the following web 2.0 networking sites and have begun to use them: Diigo, Netvibes, Twitter, Google Sites and Vodpod
  • I read the books From Blogs to Bombs by Mark Pegrum and have started to read Grown Up Digital by Don Tapscott and Redefining Literacy by David Warlick
  • I gave a presentation on Diigo to the staff at my school and set up a Diigo group for my staff to share resources
  • I created a wiki in wikispaces (though it is still blank) to create a school wiki where resources can be shared
  • I am creating a 9 week curricular unit on Growing Up in a Digital Age that I will use this Spring in my English I class to help students grapple with many of the digital issues and literacies that they need
    to be aware of to be successful in our connected world
  • I also signed my class up to be a part of the NetGenEd Digital Project hosted by Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay
  • I am working at creating a course for Moodle about elearning and developing quality online lessons. I also hope to develop Moodle training tools as our staff is making the transition from Blackboard to

And here are a few things I hope to do as I continue on this plan of developing a professional network:

  • Develop my design and presentation skills by studying design principles, Adobe CS4, and video products such as iMovie and Camtasia
  • Follow and read my favorite blogs regularly and find some new ones I like. Comment on the posts that resonate.
  • Revamp my own personal and professional blog and post to each one at least once a week.
  • Spend a couple of hours each week studying new resources and tools
  • Post quality links to Diigo and Twitter and develop my skills at tagging
  • Develop a professional development workshop modeled after the EVO2010 Multiliteracies workshop

Hopefully in about 6 months I will have grown my own network in a way that leverages the many wonderful tools out there to do so.

A special thanks to Vance and Jennifer and all those who were kind enough to read and comment on my blog posts and encourage me down this wonderful road. Good luck to all of you as you continue on this wonderful journey!


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  1. Yvonne Caples permalink

    Thanks Nina,<br><br>It has been a fantastic session….kudos to you and all of the moderators

  2. Nina Liakos permalink

    Wow, Yvonne, your post reads like a model of what we would like our participants to do! It sounds like you got a lot out of the session and have plenty lined up to do. Lifelong learning is the way to go! We can;t stop just because EVO has ended. We are delighted that the session met your expectations so well!

  3. Maria Rosario Di M??naco permalink

    Yvonne, it’s funny that just as I had started drafting my "have accomplished/ need to explore further" list, I came across your post. What you say deeply resonates with me. In fact, I’d say that my list is pretty similar to yours – the to-do part, at least :-)<br><br>Like you, I also want to thank our moderators for the wealth of material they’ve put at our disposal and for gently modelling and demonstrating all along the session.<br><br>Good luck to you too!

  4. Nina Liakos permalink

    What a great idea. Perhaps you could offer them at the local public library or community center.

  5. Vanessa Vaile permalink

    Sounds like we are all doing that to some extent ~ a good idea to sharing and comparing notes, a support group. In particular, I’m working on applying new tools and what I’ve learned to community networking and information/ resource sharing, which has its own educational aspects even if not formally or in a traditional classroom. A handful here (think small, isolated, rural community) with some background have been thinking about organizing local classes or workshops and self-paced study groups for training and basic skills.

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