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EVO Ending… Multiliteracies Continuing

February 21, 2010

Another EVO (my fifth) comes to a close today. As a co-moderator in this session, I’ve had to wrestle with guilt over not only which tasks I have not completed, but also for not staying on top of my moderator responsibilities (following what everyone else was contributing and responding in a timely manner, maintaining the YG calendar, and so on). But I don’t want to wallow in guilt today! I would prefer to thank Vance and Jennifer for their forbearance and for helping me to learn so many things. I would rather congratulate the Multiliteracies community (a living, breathing community–I just approved a new member of our YG yesterday!) on the vast amount of teaching and learning that has gone on here over the past six weeks. We have such wonderful participants here. You branched out in so many ways that we could not have foreseen, taking advantage of the rather loose structure of the session to explore the concepts and tools in a variety of ways. Many of you then shared your thoughts about what you had learned, read, or heard here or elsewhere, contributing to the learning of all of us. Thank you!

Vance has always made it clear that Multiliteracies, unlike most other EVO sessions, is an ongoing project. I want to state my intention here to keep in touch with all of you, to go back and work on reading/hearing/seeing some of the resources I missed during the session, to post my thoughts about them here, and to keep striving to become a multiliterate individual and teacher.

Best to all,



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  1. Nina Liakos permalink

    Good point! It just has to be collected into one place in cyberspace, though.

  2. Vanessa Vaile permalink

    Since the PLN / ePortfolio, PKM system ~ by whatever name ~ is also our personal/professional life story, whatever the format, how can it not be ongoing… a work in progress. I can’t be the only one discovering that I’ve been working on one (however designated) all along ~ just without knowing it. Then we link (network) them…

  3. Nina Liakos permalink

    Dear Vance, a prime reason I signed on to help with this session was to have the opportunity to work with you. I admire not only your prodigious expertise and infinite curiosity, but also your marvelous ability to let go and let flow (something I do not do well!). These months have been a rich learning experience for me, and I thank you for your patience (when I didn’t understand and when I didn’t do what I had said I would), your flexibility, and your encouragement and positive attitude in the face of my many doubts and questions. I can never thank you enough!

  4. Vance Stevens permalink

    Great Nina, you were an exemplary co-moderator, it was a pleasure to work with you. I teach scuba diving (in my copious spare time) and some people are naturally good at it, and others have to struggle and overcome fears. I always tell them that I respect most highly the ones in the latter category. You have made no secret of your concerns and shortcomings with the material, but you have modeled and demonstrated to everyone who has come in contact with you this session that this is the situation of all of us at some point in their becoming multiliterate, and all it takes is the right attitude and an open mind and flexibility and a desire to learn. And of course a PLN and willingness to share with and learn from others. And isn’t this what we want to inculcate in out students?

  5. Vanessa Vaile permalink

    plus a modicum of coherence and navigable … better stop now

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