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New baby and cultural differences !

February 13, 2010

I’m sorry (for myself !) to say that I’m off to the UK for a week to be grandma full time …
While waiting, waiting for this new baby to arrive (girl with no name ! born 13/02/10) I discovered that in the UK, they announce the due date at 40 weeks and then don’t worry for 12 days … whereas here in France they announce the due date at 41.5 weeks … and are concerned as soon as the baby is one day over-due 🙂
So one again, sitting between two cutures was rather uncomfortable (I couldn’t understand why they were not overly worried) … alls well that ends well …. I hope to be back for the closing session … and hope the conversation continues once the 6 weeks are up.
amiti??s ?? tous


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  1. Jennifer Verschoor permalink

    Congratulations Elizabeth!!! Don`t worry about the session. We will continue our conversation even if the session has finished. We have lots of interesting tools to explore together. Enjoy your time in the UK!!

  2. Vance Stevens permalink

    moi aussi! My grand-daughter has extended her stay a week so every morning I get to go to her when she wakes up and get her out of bed and hug her while she’s waking up and then set her down where she can go wake up her mom (so she can take over the real work of child rearing; me, I’ve been there, done that part, paid my dues 😉 Enjoy your granddaughter, they’re precious!

  3. Nina Liakos permalink

    The conversation will surely continue as long as there are multiliterates around to chat! Enjoy your visit with your granddaughter and family. See you soon!

  4. Berta permalink

    Congratulations Elizabeth Anne and welcome to the amazing world of grandmotherhood 😉 I also became an "abuelita" last December and will be helping out full time until April when I go back to Caracas, all thanks to my unexpected and recent retirement … I too went through the odds of being between two very different cultures and I am glad everything ended well after a lot of critical moments (lots of red flags very few people noticed) … Enjoy your grandchild to the max, I am sure you will 😉 and I hope to keep running into you in the near future ;-). Enhorabuena, Berta

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