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February 10, 2010

My favorite digital literacy is digital story telling. I’ve introduced it as part of a writing course for the past year. Digital stories are personal stories voiced by the writer + images + a soundtrack. They allow students to explore the relationships between words and images, give them a sense both as a writer and a creator of digital content, and let them share their work with the classmates and anyone else they want to.They work with a variety of technologies – blogger to post and share drafts of their stories, audacity to record their stories, and moviemaker or Imovie to put their stories together. Their stories have been about a variety of topics: their families, their careers, their friends, their hobbies, – whatever they wanted to write about. I am also working with a group of students who are writing stories about their lives at the university, which will be used to help incoming students adjust to the problems international students face.

I haven’t posted any of our students’ stories, but if you are looking for more information, the best place to start is
You can also see some examples at our university’s digital story project:
There are slides of my most recent presentation at…

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  1. Nina Liakos permalink

    I looked at your slideshare presentation–very interesting. I wish I could have heard your commentary. I am not good at these tools. I seem to hit a wall every time I try to use Audacity, which even some of my technophobic colleagues have mastered (something about that LAME encoder I think, and it just looks complicated). But you make a very good case for learning to do this! Thanks for the nudge.

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