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reflections on e-portfolios

January 28, 2010

This week: e-portfolios/ blogging v microblogging. With a handful of personal, special interest and community blogs + two twitter accounts (personal/community + organization/action), that part of the week’s work is more familiar than the first. ePortfolios will have the steeper learning and may not assimilate until later (like Williams James on learning to ice skate in the summer and swim in the winter). As for blogging, micro and otherwise, a fresh look is a rut-antidote that keeps blogs and blogging fresher.

I’ll start with e-portfolios because I’ve been hearing about them but don’t know much other than what I already know about portfolios in general. Adapting the portfolio concept to digital medium makes perfect sense. No doubt the e-portfolios referenced here would be teaching (teacher portfolios) or teaching “product” (student work) related. I’m familiar with hard copy portfolio assessment for student writing. Teachers make teaching portfolios, e and otherwise. Many “professional” portfolios are specifically designed to resemble their hard copy predecessors. Except for laudable goal of saving paper and easy archiving, why bother? So very web 1.0, isn’t it? Better I think to make better use of the new medium has to offer.

I’m not sure that is the kind I would make. I would most definitely not make a business or professional one either, so perhaps my personal e-portfolio would be a self-exploration.

Here’s Wikipedia on the e-portfolio,, kin to the Personal Learning System,, which is also on our EVO Multiliteracies menu. Next would come the Learning Landscape (except that we seem to start with a learning landscape, e.g. the workshop):

A Learning Landscape is a broader concept than a Learning Plan, placing the individual at the centre of their learning, allowing them to connect with other learners and create online communities. A Learning Landscape brings together the strengths of Electronic Portfolio and Social Networking. A Learning Landscape is usually based on an individual’s interests, skills, reflection and competencies. By sharing these aspirations and thoughts other members can offer support and encouragement. Platform tools provide facilities for developing Learning Landscapes.

I’ll save ruminations on microblogging v blogging for the next post.


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  1. Nina Liakos permalink

    I have to confess that I am a very linear thinker, and mindmaps just confuse me, even though I like how they look!

  2. Vanessa Vaile permalink

    Thanks ~ I’m still batting around ideas too. None of the many options seems quite right and I’d just as soon not go down too many dead ends. I’m just hoping that like porn, I’ll know it when I see it. Googlio looks promising. It would help if I had a clearer idea of what I’d like this eportfolio / PLN to do ~ also came across reference to "Personal Knowledge Management Plan" that sounds like a more businesslike way to phrase chaos navigation.<br><br><p style="text-align: left;"><img src="*NVjowy40CMj/PKMPlan.jpg?width=721&quot; alt=""></p>

  3. Nina Liakos permalink

    Vanessa, your ideas help me as I try to decide how to go about this task, for which I am apparently not ready as of yet.

  4. Nina Liakos permalink

    I’d like to see that if you do it!

  5. Vanessa Vaile permalink

    I find that sometime I am linear and others not. When linear, old fashioned lists do it for me, with mapping for when the list order falls apart. I’ve been looking at the map trying to think how to adapt it to a portfolio portal similar to a sunburst layout I designed for a web page on local attractions, each an active link.

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