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My first entry

January 27, 2010

Shame on me! I can’t believe this is my first posting here. OK, I only joined the session a few days ago. And it’s as hot as hell here in Argentina. But that is no excuse, is it?

Anyway, I need to cheer myself up and think of the things I HAVE got done: added myself to the map, added my info to the participants Google doc (picture included, thanks to Marian’s tutorial) Hmm… what else?
Today I listened to the webinar on Twitter and learned about a couple of useful things that I need to try. Tweetdeck, among others. And on Sunday I enjoyed Vance’s Speed Geek. Great!

I’m also trying to finish my summary/interpretation of the introduction to Mark Pregrum’s book. Juicy reading indeed. Funny that while I was pondering on some of the points Mark makes, I came across this article (retweeted by Nelba) that touches precisely on the marginalization brought about by the internet. Sorry it’s in Spanish.

I guess that’s about all for now. My notebook (and myself) are burning hot.


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  1. Maria Rosario Di M??naco permalink

    Thanks for your comment, Michael. You have a great collection of materials in your blog. It was funny to find that El Koala’s video that one of my sons had shown to me on YouTube only a short time ago.<br><br>It’s raining now here, and just a little bit cooler 🙂

  2. Michael Shade permalink

    Maria – many thanks for the ‘Internet tambi??n crea marginados’ article. I used to do a topic on ‘La Brecha Digital’ with my Advanced Spanish students, using a reportaje from the Spanish TV programme ‘Informe Semanal’ and a variety of newspaper articles. If I can find the videoclip, I’ll add the topic to my <a rel="nofollow" href="; target="blank">online materials</a>, and include this article.<br><br>I hope it’s cooled off a bit where you are – but not as much as here 🙂

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