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Notes on Beginning Week 3

January 25, 2010

I’m standing at the teacher’s desk in my smart classroom at the University of Maryland, and my students are writing about “one or two cultural differences [they]’ve noticed while living in a foreign country….” I was looking at the tasks for Week 3, which begins today, and decided to have a look at Zaid Alkagoff’s slideshare presentation “Twenty-Five Edublogs You Simply Don’t Want to Miss.” I am embarrassed to admit that I had heard of only five of the 25 recommended bloggers (Stephen Downes, George Siemens, Robin Good, Will Richardson, and Wesley Fryer). Of these, I have only read the blogs of the last two, and I stopped reading even those because of time constraints…. Vance’s remark about “sipping from the firehose” keeps coming back to me. The web is a firehose of information. It comes streaming at you (if you let it, say via an aggregator), threatening to drown you or at the least knock you off your feet. The trick is to sidle up to it somehow, take a few sips without getting drenched, and take pleasure in the learning you’ve managed to achieve.

Class is over. Time to pack up and go to lunch!


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  1. Vance Stevens permalink

    Ben Franklin said you may stay but time waits for no one. Time however, as Einstein pointed out, is relative. So really, what this means is that what you sip from the firehose depends on how thirsty you are. But the firehose is not about what you take, it’s about spillage. And it suggests that you take what you need and don’t worry about the puddle at your feet let alone the molecules of water that go streaming past. They are of no importance. The important thing is that you take something from the firehose. All this water gets recycled (there is a water cycle). It will come back around. Just by sipping you’ll get what you need to know. Trust your network, it will recycle what you need.

  2. Elizabeth Anne permalink

    Well said Nina – but at EVO time the pressure is on 🙂

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