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Week 2 – getting more involved

January 24, 2010

This has been a week with tagging, and I have tried to get my bookmarks organised in Delicious – I had an account but didn’t really know how/why to use it. Actually I only realised how useful it can be when I was deleting links (from moodle) that my last year’s students contributed to one course. This year I’m going to ask them to share their links in delicious, and create a bundle and share it in moodle. I’m not yet quite sure how to do that, but I know I can rely on your support if there are problems 😉 Of course there are plenty of reasons why to use delicious/diigo, just have to start easy.

I read about folksonomies tidying up tags, and got some insight on how to improve tagging, but couldn’t go very deep into it > partial attention – I snatched this somewhere, cannot remember where, but it describes well the situation where you try to get the most of everything and can’t really concentrate on anything properly. I have floated from one interesting page/blog/article to another and read this and that, felt some flow while doing that. Learned about Jing (great tutorials), WiziQ, Wordle visualisation, and cannot remember all the new accounts that I have created during this week 🙂
Is it the first stage of multitasking, and I wonder if you become better trained eventually? Practice makes perfect (??bung macht den Meister)

I participated in the weekly webheads chat and managed to find my way to “SpeedGeeking” session in Elluminate. Vance gave a brilliantly speedy web tour about Aggregation demonstrating with our evomlit tag.
I was pretty pleased to realise that I had tried most of them, some successfully others not so… so it seems that I am exploring multiliteracies through a tehnological lense, having delved into web2 tools, anxious to learn how to use them – pedagogy lies far ahead. I also watched a presentation on Building your personal Network as I thought I need some clarification what a PLN is all about.

Microblogging is too much for me at the moment, but nevertheless, as the timing is ok, I signed up for Tuesday’s session on “Tips for Using Twitter Effectively” This seminar has been like an adrenaline injection for me, an consequently feeling like Alice in Wonderland. I hope to learn enough to be able to convey some of this to my colleagues in the future.

I didn’t find the collaborative task for week 3 in the syllabus wiki, but a couple of ideas occurred to me as possible topics if someone should have similar interests, i.e. how could social media be used as a place for intercultural encounters/collaboration? Or a step-by-step programme on how to introduce social media into teaching. This could simply be jotting ideas down in google docs or wiki or in this blog 🙂
Finally, I wanted to know if ning means something and found at least the meaning ‘peace’, and with this I wish everyone a peaceful week full of collaboration in one form or another!


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  1. Michael Shade permalink

    I’ve also been wondering about Personal Learning Networks, so I watched the talk you refer to. They whisk through many of the tools we’re dealing with here, in less than an hour – talk about overload! However they don’t really discuss how to bring it all together 😦 .<br><br>I’d always wondered about Ning, too – apparently it’s a Chinese girls’ name.<br><br>So ‘ning’ to everyone, indeed 🙂

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