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Navigating Constellations of Tag Galaxy

January 21, 2010

It was amazing creating a screencast on my search on Tag Galaxy. I looked up three tags: evomlit, Webheads and Alexandria Egypt. You may wanna have a look at the screencast embedded here. The effect is maybe partially captured in this screencast.

Tag Galaxy aggregates tags on Flickr photos creating a beautiful 3-D constellation. I couldn’t half-capture its beautiful formation in the screencast. You gotta try it yourself. You keep clicking for more photos to be added. You can rotate the globe/galaxy in all directions.

I’m thinking of a million and one ideas how this tool can be used in class. It can help students create cultural virtual tours around the world. It can help them create an itinerary for a trip. And a lot more. I had a lot of fun playing with it:)



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  1. Jennifer Verschoor permalink

    Great work Hanna!! Another website quite similar to Taggalaxy is <a href="; target="_blank"></a&gt;. You can narrow your search if you want among Flickr, ebay,Amazon etc.

  2. Nina Liakos permalink

    It was cool to see my photos come up on the tag galaxy screencast!

  3. Vanessa Vaile permalink

    I can’t wait to try this. A great icebreaker for online classes too. I’ve been asking students post images or a link but plan to try this next time. Great for event pages too ~ a display of pictures from past events. I have the Aviary plug in for captures but haven’t used it much yet.

  4. Hanaa Khamis permalink

    Hi Vanessa! That was sometime ago. A visit to Alexandria today is worth its while. There’s no trace v Groppi Alex. From ur description it might be Trianon Le Salon in Ramleh Station overlooking the sea or Roastry in Fouad St next to Metro movie theater &amp; close to Greco-roman museum. I wonder if GEarth can help here.<br><br>Isnt Tag Galaxy really nice? Got a bunch of photos to upload &amp; tag. Let’s see what will come up. Cheers. Hanaa

  5. Maria Rosario Di M??naco permalink

    That’s a great screencast, Hanaa! And I also love your ideas for class use. Thanks!

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