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Future or Present?!

January 19, 2010


Is this happenning to some of you!?
Maria 🙂


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  1. Maria Bossa permalink

    10000000000% agree; you cannot imagine how many new people I’ve met in these month thru these sessions. As one session leads to another and to another… it’s a rotary and I love it!<br>Regards and Smiles (greetings to your hubby, too) Maria 🙂

  2. Nina Liakos permalink

    The best thing about every EVO is the friends I make.

  3. Maria Bossa permalink

    Hi, thanks for your comments again and its nice to know that you can think in metric!!! I wish I could listen to you in Boston… but well.. maybe some other time.<br>Do take care and keep in touch, Maria 🙂

  4. Nina Liakos permalink

    My husband was born in Greece and lived there until the age of 25, so he can still think in metric! And I lived in France for three years, so I kind of remember that 100 km = 1 hour of highway driving. I have visited Texas only one time, when I was 16 and my sister was living in Austin. My nephew lives there now but I have never visited him! I will be at TESOL this year. I am going to lead a discussion on balancing online and offline in a busy life–not that I have any solution to this problem, I just like to get it out there and brainstorm about it!<br><br>I just looked at some eportfolio pages (e.g. <a href="; target="_blank"></a&gt; and <a href="; target="_blank"></a&gt😉 but feel as clueless and intimidated as ever.

  5. Maria Bossa permalink

    Hi again!!!! Let’s go step by step!!<br>Well… your husband is completely right! Thumbs up for him! You can also write the name of my city in Google and you will see the oficial site and some pics. Bear in mind that it’s in Spanish! Congrats on his new pc, too!!<br>2nd steps.. YES! I’ve met Jennifer here and I will meet her f2f next week in a Teachers’ Conference in Cordoba city (<a rel="nofollow" href="; target="_blank"></a>) where she will give a speech. I also know Rita as I attended a seminar on Internet 2 years ago in Buenos Aires and she was one of the presenters (and I’m not sure but I guess she will be in Cba too next week) and Nelba… yes too as I did an online course at Avealmec last year with her and Jennifer too. The rest I think I don’t know. I also know Paula Ledesma who is also a great webhead! (She presented her online session last weekend at WIZIQ)<br>I’m a big fan of seminars, conferences and webinars… I’m like Coke "I’m present at all events" (joke, please) so you will see me everywhere when my schedule allows me.<br>I think I’ve said this but I also work with NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) so I also try to attend sessions and conferences related to that.<br>I have never been at any TESOL convention yet. I know there is one now in Boston as one of my moderators in Internet4YoungLearners will attend and EVO is present, too.<br>Eleven years ago I was in your country, in Odessa,TX as I was visiting a friend. It was very easy to go to the US at that time as there was not much paper requirements to go into the country. I hope I can go back one day.<br>I hope we can keep in touch and keep on learning from each other. Best regards and smiles to you and your hubby, Maria 🙂

  6. Nina Liakos permalink

    Thanks for the geography lesson! I don’t have Google Earth here on my laptop but I will go back and look at the rivers when my husband (a GE addict since he got his new computer 2 weeks ago) turns on his computer. He calculates that BA is about as far from you as Rhode Island is from DC (maybe a 7-8 hour drive?). Have you ever met any of the other Argentine webheads f2f–our Jennifer, Mary, or Rita, Nelba, Marina? Rita visited me here last year and we have met at several TESOL conventions.

  7. Maria Bossa permalink

    Wow… you looked us on Google!! 🙂 Yes, it’s flat and sorrounded by soya bean crops and some others like corn and peanuts. We also have chemical industries and some cattle. I really dont know about miles as we use kilometers so I’m sorry for that. We’re about 100 kms south of Cordoba city and about 700 kms west of Buenos Aires. If you look deeply, there are 5 rivers in my province and mine its the most important one. It’s born in Embalse Lake and ends in the Atlantic Ocean as it then joins the Parana and de la Plata rivers. The rivers now keep the aboriginal names so this Rio Tercero (or River Third, as you said) is called CTALAMUCHITA which is also the name of the Valley where we are located.<br>Jees, seems I studied and remember perfectly well my geography classes!! :)<br><br>Thanks for your interest, smiles, Maria 🙂

  8. Nina Liakos permalink

    That’s about the same size as my city, Gaithersburg. We are about 25 miles outside of Washington, DC. I just looked at Rio Tercero (Third River?) on GoogleEarth. It looks like it is very flat, very compact, surrounded by fields.

  9. Maria Bossa permalink

    I live in Rio Tercero, province of Cordoba, in Argentina. It’s a city of about 55,000 inhabitants

  10. Nina Liakos permalink

    Where do you live?

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