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Notes on Week 2 Tasks

January 18, 2010

I am looking at the tasks and objectives for Week 2. Set up a ProtoPage, Netvibes, PageFlakes, or iGoogle? I already use iGoogle as my homepage, but I don’t think that is what Vance means. Other than my email, my Google Reader feeds and my to-do list, there isn’t much that is me on that page. I think he is referring to the elusive “ePortfolio” we are supposed to create. I envision that as a space on the web where I can collect links to blogs and wikis I’ve created and am proud of, maybe post my CV (is that wise?), perhaps have some way to access documents I’ve made… am I thinking along the right lines?


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  1. Nina Liakos permalink

    Thanks for your comment, Michael. No, I haven’t gotten any further along with this. I think I would like to try collecting stuff on either a ProtoPage or a PageFlakes. Do you have any experience with either?<br><br>I don’t even have a homepage, unless you count my iGoogle page, which is home to me not inaccessible to others, who would certainly not be interested in the weather in Gaithersburg, Maryland or the time in Karpenisi, Greece, anyway.

  2. Michael Shade permalink

    Nina – have you got any further with the ‘ePortfolio’?<br><br>I too find the concept elusive – at times I think it’s my homepage, at times it’s the stuff I’ve designed and created (here there and everywhere), at times it’s everything I’ve joined or contributed to; does it also include everything I access? What about my offline life – should that also be part of my ePortfolio, or is it somehow separate?<br><br>I’m not expecting you to want to answer any of these questions – it’s just that I’m reluctant to create anything new that just replicates what I’ve already got – and I suspect you feel the same.

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