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January 17, 2010

Am I the only one who wants to be able to find info like this again …. and thinks it’ll be lost in the YG
The following is copied from the YG
I chose to put this reminder in this thread rather than reactivate the one in this message:

This is because the facilitators will be discussing the article by Bridget Arend, Encouraging Critical Thinking in Online Threaded Discussions,

I just read the article and I found the Implications section, if you want to read just one part of it, is directed at using threaded discussions to encourage critical thinking in students, but there are good suggestions in there for moderators of such discussions.

Robert Squires is a recent Webcast Academy graduate who has started his own regular EdTech Talk program called “Instructional Design Live”. This week, he and Mary Engstrom, both instructional designers at the University of Montana, will be discussing a proposal for a tiered approach to improving effectiveness in online teaching among faculty using the aforementioned paper as a basis for discussion.

You can join the discussion at from 1700 UTC, Friday January 15, 2010. You can access the documents and links at

If you can make it you can join the discussion and if you are otherwise occupied you can catch the podcast at your leisure on or at



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  1. Nina Liakos permalink

    I always delete emails from YGs I belong to because I think I can find them later on the YG. In fact, when I have tried to search YGs I have often been unsuccessful. Even when I am sure that a search term I am using is in the post I am looking for, my search often turns up nothing. Frustrating! Good idea to put it here…but is it searchable? I am a Ning newbie too.

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