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Week 1: Almost done…

January 15, 2010

…and I am seriously behind. I’ve managed to keep up pretty well with the pleasant task of reading participants’ introductions and welcoming them to the session, but I have not done well with reading/viewing the materials for the week. I started, but did not finish, rereading the introduction to From Blogs to Bombs. And I listened to the video Mark Pegrum made for us which Vance embedded in the wiki and took some notes on that. But I had intended to do much more. And I still do, but wonder whether I will have the time.

Classes in our IEP begin tomorrow, and I have had to spend time this week preparing my syllabus (as well as other tasks too boring to mention). Our new students arrived yesterday and took their placement test; today they had their orientation to the program; and the first class is tomorrow. I will be teaching the most advanced level in the IEP; their class with me is Reading/Writing/Grammar (fondly known as RWG). I will require them to read books of their own choosing and to blog about them (or keep a paper reading journal if they prefer–which I doubt). I am considering what other web tools I might incorporate into the course. I’ve signed up for four hours of computer lab per week, and I will have a “smart” classroom another eight hours (teacher computer and screen). I’ll only be in a bare no-frills classroom for three hours. I might use that time to have the students work on the SRA Reading Lab.


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