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January 11, 2010

During EVO Multiliteracies 2009 I started a blog, and I have now added a page summarising my work during this year. Please take a look at From EVO 2009 to EVO 2010 .

You will find there references to two wikis, one for an FCE class and the other for a CPE class. The username and password for both is student.

A Ning is also mentioned. The username for it is and the password is litstudent


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  1. Mariel Amez permalink

    Jennifer, you need to log out from pbworks (you’re logged in as yourself) and log in again using the username above, which I also sent you as a direct message throug Ning.<br>Thanks for your interest.

  2. Jennifer Verschoor permalink

    I can`t access the FCEclass and CPEclass wikis because I need your permission. I get this message<br><p style="text-align: left;"><img src="; alt=""></p>

  3. Mariel Amez permalink

    That’s all right. Already bookmarked it to our group!

  4. Mariel Amez permalink

    Thanks, Jen. I’ll make a point of checking it, but right now the link is not working. It may be a Ning thing. I’ll try later.

  5. Jennifer Verschoor permalink

    Multi-tasking generates this kind of silly mistakes. Thank you for your help to access your wikis. I have taken a took at the FCErosario wiki. Great work!! You can take a look at this website that will give you many interesting idea that you can apply in the classroom. <a href="%20" target="_blank"></a><br>Regards<br>Jennifer

  6. Michael Shade permalink

    Wow – what a fantastic year’s exploration! You only needed one resolution – "do what needs doing". And what a lot you found that needed doing! No wonder you "failed to post regularly" – in any case, I think the doing is more important than the posting 🙂

  7. Mariel Amez permalink

    Thank you so much for the encouragement, Michael. I envy those who both do and post, but I’m both a perfectionist and kind of ADD sufferer (keep multitasking and never finish things) – the worst possible combination!

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