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Hope I am not overdoing it

January 10, 2010

Hi from freezing Beijing. We have had more snow so far this year than we have had total in my five previous winters here.

I am really looking forward to this course which I will fit in between teaching and my Masters because it is something I want to do and to learn. I have come across of things though that are frustrating though I have found a way around some of them.

As I live in Beijing I have to put up with the Great China Firewall. For those of you who have free access count yourself very fortunate as there are many, like me, who are blocked off sites because the government has blocked them. There is no real rhyme or reason to the blockage sometimes but you have to deal with it.

At the present time pbwiki is blocked and always has been, twitter is blocked and any feed that is tied into twitter is also. I am using a secure tunnel that while it slows me down does allow me access the pbwiki site but unfortunately I for some reason even with the tunnel I cannot access anything with Twitter. This is a new level of blockage and quite frustrating as I have always been able to access the feed.

Anyway, while I won’t be able to be part of the Twitter group I am really looking forward to learning more about multiliteracies..

I have spent the last two years in my PLN being a lurker. My goal for 2010 is to be an active participant in everything I am involved with on the internet so here is my first blog on this site.


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  1. Nina Liakos permalink

    A lot of very active people in the Webheads in Action community started out as lurkers. Personally I am pretty extroverted and tend to mouth off even when I don’t know what I am talking about, so I started out BaW06 as an active participant right out of the starting gate. But lots of people don’t like to do that–they prefer to look around first and see what others are doing. There is no one right way. But while lurking can result in a lot of learning, in order to give back, you have to speak up eventually.

  2. Kaija Tuomainen permalink

    That’s a different perspective to our situation, where everything is at hand, but many are simply too timid/busy/perfectionist/phobic to try these social media tools out. On the other hand, some people just need to have a good reason for using these tools instead of trying everything out first. I haven’t really been active in social media until recently, but have been interested in elearning and CALL for ages. I think it would be good to start as a lurker, but I guess I have been lurking enough by now 🙂 Good to be learning from you all!

  3. Nina Liakos permalink

    Hi Heather! Kudos to you and others in China and other places that block free access to the web, for finding ways around those firewalls. No one can do everything here, so if you can’t access twitter, don’t worry. (But have you tried <a href="; target="_blank">Twibes</a>? Which would amount to the same thing. Maybe they haven’t blocked that yet.)<br><br>You are already an active participant here, having posted your introduction on the YG and started this blog. Yay!<br><br>Nina

  4. Elizabeth Anne permalink

    Well – from one former lurker to another … hello again. I just can’t imagine trying to participate in the conditions you describe ! At the same time I am always telling my computer phobic collegues "just wait a minute… you can’t expect everything to be instantaneous" We have become so spoilt with the broadband connection, that people now have difficulty putting up with a 20 second waiting time. It’s all a question of mind-set… Honestly, your kind words along with the others at my "coming-out" on my blog here just gave me the boost I needed to get started ! THANKS !<br>BTW – I actually started a blog for the purpose of this course, so now I’m not sure which one I will use – the blog on the ning or <a rel="nofollow" href="; target="_blank">this one</a>.

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