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EVO kickoff

January 10, 2010

Gosh – all your kind remarks here are most encouraging – I did enjoy the starting session on Worldbridges. When jeff said to some people “go in the other room”, I clicked on the (is it sandbox) link and – without logging in again found I could access both chat rooms ! They were just lined up one below the other on my screen πŸ™‚
So I DID feel I was getting somewhere – and will stop whinging about being new. (oops – that’s a British word!)
One thing which has helped a lot – and which I can’t find again, is an article by Vance on Posterous !
So how’s about the view from my (appropriately) French windows this morning. – I should have taken the chairs in πŸ™‚



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  1. Nina Liakos permalink

    Wow, Elizabeth, that is indeed a lot of snow!

  2. Michael Shade permalink

    Great photo! We took the TGV down to the Pyr??n??es Orientales (from London) that weekend – France was white from top to bottom.<br><br>Multiliteracies content? Thanks for the lead to Vance’s article – as usual he’s challenging and right on the button, and what’s more offers us a number of intriguing leads to further challenges. When will I get time to read it all?

  3. Nina Liakos permalink

    Looking again at your snow from my perspective here in snow-covered Maryland, after 5 days of canceled classes (the 6th tomorrow)!

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