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Get a handle on it !

January 9, 2010

Once again I feel I’ve jumped in at the deep end and am floundering. Join a Twibe they said .. so I did and my click seems to have disappeared into neverland. Join our flickr map … over-enthousiasm there – sorry folks, I’m on twice (Dear competent coordinators can you not bump one of me off)
Then the really really valid digression – Twibe took me to Twitter where I found that Sean Banville had made a lesson on Cleapatra’s Eye make up. Great excitement here since it was my husband who was director of thesis for the original research – although his name never gets a mention in the Oreal-impulsed furore which followed the original work 10 years ago.Now suddenly it’s become news again. So I had to send Sean Banville’s lesson to the people concerned.

Anyway, … Put a link to your blog on the google docs they said… so I’ll have to see if a blog on the wiki counts, or if I really do have to start a new blog for this course. My only poor little blog has just grammar points on it. As you can see, I’m not much of a writer (but I did enjoy that little flirt with metaphore at the beginning, instead of always having to be careful about the words I use πŸ™‚

However, if I don’t get through my end of 1st semestre marking, I’m going to be out of the running on this mlit course anyway.- so back to the grindstone…


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  1. Vance Stevens permalink

    Floundering? Hardly! You’ve made it this far and we haven’t even started the course yet.<br><br>Twibes could take a couple of days to kick in. Some users report blank pages the first time they go there. It should be working by now.<br><br>Is it a Flickr map? Hope it’s not Frapper. They’re about to shut down.<br><br>Sean Banville has some interesting tweets for ESOL. That Breaking News English has lesson plans for technology topics, looks good. Check him out at <a href="; target="_blank"></a><br><br>A link to your blog – we mean the one where we can find out about you, your existing one. But you raise a good point. I think some here might create a space for EVOMlit in addition to the space they are currently using But we intend to resolve this dilemma through trickery. We are going to TAG posts related to this course <i>evomlit</i>. In this way we should be able to find them, so they don’t really need to be mentioned in our database.<br><br>We’ll see how all that works in due course, meanwhile glad you could join us.<br><br>Vance

  2. Heather Davis permalink

    Wow, I just learned so much from your blog post… Thanks for the information.<br><br>Keep marking we want you here. I am in the middle of January Progress Reports which is our end of first semester BIG 6 page report on each child. Hopefully they will be done on Wednesday which is my birthday which means they will only be four days late. πŸ™‚

  3. Nina Liakos permalink

    Go Elizabeth Anne! You are leading the way.

  4. Jennifer Verschoor permalink

    Vance I feel the same way!! We have made this far this year πŸ™‚ I am sorry to tell you that we are using Frapper and your Google Doc.<br><br>Elizabeth I have just deleted your extra picture in our map. Remember that we are here to help you and network together.<br><br>Let??s keep learning and sharing.<br>Warm regards<br>Jennnifer

  5. Vanessa Vaile permalink

    floundering seems to be the common reaction, comforting after a fashion. we can throw one another lines or drown. collaboration by any other name… I couldn’t decide which blog to link as none seemed especially relevant, some even less than others, so linked my profile containing list of blogs + link in the docs page. joined twibes and already planning how to use it with adjunct coalition and local community networking. I will tag any even remotely relevant posts /tweets / bookmarks…bookmarks… a whole ‘nother game… so far, nose out of the water and still breathing

  6. Vance Stevens permalink

    Hi Vanessa, yes this is a good strategy, a link to a profile is fine. This should be a central place which points to links about you that you want the world to see. At that place you could put a link to your space where you reflect on this course (and you should tag all these spaces <i>evomlit</i> if you want many others to find them).<br><br>Another word for this kind of thing is ePortfolio. Later we’ll have a look at what others consider their ePortfolios and how this can relate to whatever you are teaching.

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